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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Come On! Five More Minutes

     It usually takes an effort to get the girls to listen to me. Today was an effort of me listening to them.

     I did not want to get up this morning. Unfortunately I had Izzy and Lily, who begged to differ.
I am sure you have noticed I have not written on my blog in the last few days. The wonderful game of life as made me miss a few turns. So, needless to say, I had quite the effort trying to fall asleep from the stresses of it all. The last time I glared at that mean ole' alarm clock, it said 3:41 am, and I was still awake (for the first time, it was not the girls).
     So at about 7:30 am, I had blonde hair, blue eye Lily (which we refer to as mini momma) in my face. She was an inch from my face, "momma, you awake?"
     I am now.
     "momma, Izzy hittin' me."
     So I raised my voice from under the covers, so Izzy could hear me in her room. "Don't hit your sister."
     I knew it was time to get up, but I was so tired. The momentum of getting up wasn't quite there, yet I was trying. A minute goes by and I hear a little huff from Lily, and she walks out the bedroom, shutting the door behind her. That was the last thing I remembered for another 30 minutes.
     I wake up again at 8am to little Lily kisses all over my face. "Momma, can you get up, I want chocolate milk." I opened one eye, and once again she was an inch from my face. Apparently no one appreciates nor acknowledges the term, personal space. I whined and rolled over. She then proceeded to climb on the bed and on me.
     "mommy, get up." She tried to rock my shoulders, not giving up.
     All the while, my husband is laying next to me, snoring away. Yeah, I had a bit of jealousy running through me.
     Lily once again runs out of the room.
     In less than two minutes later a battle ensues in Izzy's room. Even with all the doors shut, it was quite clear. The screaming and crying, I thought it was a battle to the death in there.
     I jumped out of bed without any thought (or else I would of never gotten up) and waltz into Izzy's room.
     Lily was on top of Izzy, with a chunk of Izzy's hair and shirt in her little demon fist. This little girl is going to be the death of me.
     A stiff talking to and almost an entire pot of coffee later, here I sit.
     You know even with all that caffeine in me, my eyes keep trying to close as if I didn't sleep at all.
     Two years down, a lifetime to go...

     Even though I am not speed writing my novel as I wished, I fine that the ideas have been flowing quite smoothly in the last few days. I am excited to report my only plans beside the kids today is to write.
     Finished first draft here I come.
     I am also happy to report that my determination is at an all time high. I know it will not be easy getting my novel from my laptop to the bookstore shelf. But, what I do know is that I will not give up, until it is there. I have worked too hard emotionally and physically just to give up at the first mention of a turn down. I will be the book industries' worst nightmare, like a big ole' birthmark. They might as well get use to me!


                                                                      Little Ms. Perseverance

As far as my 30 day goal:

Thursday: 135 -completed!
Friday: 142 -completed!
Saturday: 149 -not completed, I have 146

I better put the petal to the metal, take a cold shower and jump on that cursor!

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