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Saturday, January 22, 2011

What a great way to start your day and Novel

     So, after my motivational rant, things did not go as smoothly as I dreamed.
     I climbed into bed, slowly drifting to sleep when the two year comes to the doorway. Before I even had a chance to ask whats wrong, she projectile vomits like the exorcist all over the place.
     I must of been evil in a former life.
     I am watching infomercials about a new miracle product while sitting by her and a bucket. Did you know actual shows don't come back on until 7'ish.
     It is so refreshing to pay for eight hundred channels.
     Let me first start off with the objective. I read an interesting article about "Writing a Novel in 30 Days". Something with such a title peaks my interest but at the same time I hear a little voice of reality, that's not possible. It goes on to say that you should write everything down, and not to worry about editing, perfect word choice or research. Get your first draft down, then you can go back and fix and add. Well, that actually intrigued me because they were right. I need to stop worry about it being perfect and just write. Marvelous!
     Objective: Complete the entire first draft in 30 days.
     This is probably the hardest thing I've ever done!

      Lets see, I am writing an adult fantasy book which will be about 300 pages, I have 93 (had 200, but I edited. a lot). So 207 divided by 30 days= 7 pages a day.
     I guess it's better than 10 pages a day. Started January 22, completed novel by February 20, 2011.

     Noon rears its ugly head, and with eyes burning from two hours sleep, I finally sit to write. Choosing a room where the children are not running and screaming is a prime piece of real estate. Hiding in the dining room is as close as I'm going to get. The children actually sat quietly in the living room watching a movie.
     Coffee to the left of the computer, Tylenol to my right. I stare longingly at the blinking cursor. Slowly easing into the first paragraph of the page, trying not to worry about the prefect words to use.
     "Mom, I'm thirsty, can I have some milk?" The four year old, Izzy, would drink the whole gallon if you let her.
     Off I go, away from my blinking cursor to get the milk. She gets her milk and sits back down to watch the movie. I stare blankly at the cursor, trying to find the idea I left off on.
     "Mommy, can I have juice?"
     I should of known better.
     The little one, Lily, was looking better and wasn't vomiting. But, like me, needed sleep.
     I got her the juice and laid her down; turning my attention back to the blinking cursor.
     Where did my paragraph idea go to now.
     It took a few moments to be back on track, picking up my coffee cup to take a sip. Empty. This is not going well...

     Having an idea is great, having the time to write it down, even better.

     Jim, my husband, can be really supportive. Unfortunately he's not necessarily on the same wavelength as me, most days. He understands what it is like to have a goal, just like anyone else, he just doesn't necessarily understand my goal. The complete lack of understanding of why I would want to push to finish it in 30 days.
     His theory: just take your time, don't rush it.
     We had a conversation not to long ago, that I should just go to bed, and try again tomorrow. To me that is cheating. Think about it. If someone dieting set a goal of losing 10 pounds in thirty days, the best idea would be to pass on that piece of chocolate cake. We can all fool ourselves but it comes down to this. If that person had the chocolate cake one night and said,"I'll try again tomorrow", there never going to lose those 10 pounds. If I give in tonight, then I will probably give in tomorrow. I will never write those 7 pages a day and never reach that goal, and all of this would of been a waste of my time and yours.
     We all have things in our daily lives that get us off track on what really matter. Its the strength to get ourselves back into it, and quite frankly, dominate.

     I had a friend who read this blog and asked, "why is it called the Everlasting Novel." My answer: No matter how long it takes me, or what life throws at me, I will keep on writing. I will never stop, and never give up. It will be an everlasting effort and effect on my life.

     Now with all the energy and good ides I can muster, I am going to write an incredible novel. It will truly be built of blood, sweat and tears, but it will be mine.
     That my friends, is true success.


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