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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Haven't you seen my Novel and Sanity in Stores

     So it has been a glorious morning. Consisting of tearing the house apart for the last hour looking for a movie the girls rented. It is not in the case, nor the DVD player. The best part of all, when I ask them where it is, their reply is simply a shrug. Upon further demand of knowledge of this movie (like a hostage situation), the little one looks at me for a moment with big blue eyes, "I don't know." She runs out of the room, up the stairs and hides under her bed. I am left with still no movie, and serious doubt in the continuity of my bloodline. I can't help but have the words of the great Dennis Leary circle in my mind:

     "You keep thinking that [the kids are] going to wake up one day and they'll go, "Oh, now I know the rules." But they don't. Just like listening to MmmmBop over and over again; every day is the same thing. It always starts the same exact way. "Close the door...give me that bag of Oreos, you're not having Oreos for TV right now...close the, leave the dog alone...will you please find your shoes...give me that bag of Oreos...find your put your shoes on...I don't know where your shoes are...I didn't have your shoes on...close the door...put, don't cut the dog's hair right now...c'mon...those are HIS shoes...go tell him you have his shoes and then find your shoes...close that door...put the phone down, who are you calling? You're too young to call anybody...don't feed Oreos to the dog...give me that bag of, close that door ARE your shoes...they have to be! Who are you? I want ID...let me see some ID."

And your life immediately, when they hit age 5, becomes about quiet. You just want peace and quiet. That's all you want. You want the fighting to stop. Can't we all just get along? You turn into Rodney King, you do!"

       If that isn't bad enough on this whole movie subject. My husband comes in the door from running errands and I explain the movie situation and where I looked. Instead of pitching in to help find it or trying to torture (the hostages, my children) for more information. He nonchalantly says, "hm, do you know where the kids put it?"
                                             This, ladies and gentlemen, is my family...

Update: The DVD has been found. I tilted the DVD player and two DVDs came out (with little finger smudges on the back.)

I will be happy to report that of the goal of 7 pages to be written in the novel on Saturday, 7 were completed!
     1 day down, 29 days and 200 pages to go...

     I often dream what it would be like to finish the novel. I mean, to actually finish all the drafts. On that day, I will proudly jump up and down in celebration on the hard work that finally came together. After my short lived celebration comes the work of finding the backing, an agent. To work with me, offer their unbias feedback; to help cultivate my dreams. When we can finally agree in unison on its finished, shined up ideas, we can propose to the publishers. Time, effort and hope will take place before agreeing to put my baby in the hands of an outstanding publisher who will help do their part of attaining my dream. The finished product?To go into a bookstore and aimlessly drift around. There, in all its splendor it stands on the bookshelf, eager to open up the mind and imagination of a reader. Then, on that day, my dream has been met!

     Unfortunately, in the here and now, I sit at the dining room table. The laptop in front of me, coffee on my left. The document open to page 100, with its cursor blinking its challenging eye. It's amazing how much you can resent that cursor, like the buzzer on an alarm clock that won't let you sleep. I may not defeat that buzzer, but I will defeat that cursor.

     It is with my dreams open for you all to see, I will return to that open document and see how far my imagination can take me today.

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