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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mom Set to Erupt January 24,2011

     I would like to think Lily's motive this morning was along the lines of, "this diaper rash is killing me, I better put some baby powder on." But judging by the end result, I seriously doubt it.

     It seemed like a decent enough morning after four hours of sleep (she was up again sick). The television was on in Izzy's room, there was no screaming or fighting. A mom can learn to live with that kind of morning, right? WRONG
     My husband gets up first, says good morning to Izzy in her room before going downstairs to the kitchen to start the coffee. I didn't even get the chance to roll out of bed before he comes bolting back up the stairs. He comes back into the bedroom, looks at me with a blank and dumbfounded stare before commenting, "honey, I need your help downstairs." Now the way he bolted up those stairs like the house was on fire did not match his cool and disconcerting attitude. So now I am even more baffled.
     A morning that once started nice and easy about three minutes earlier turned into the agony of a lifetime.I made my way down the stairs to the first floor, down the hallway, to the kitchen and ...OMG.
The entire first floor looked like the aftermath of a volcanic eruption! Like waves of fine white ash swarmed my kitchen, dining room, living room, and even the bathroom. I look on the kitchen island to see our TWO jumbo size baby powders in the middle. I walk over and pick up the first one-empty, second one-empty. My husband stood in the middle of the aftermath. We exchanged glances and I briskly turned, walking back upstairs. It was when I hit the middle step when I sighed, stomped and forced myself to go back.
      Who would be sitting at her little kids table in the middle of the kitchen, completely albino from head to toe? Yup, you guessed it-the little spawn of satin! She said not a peep, her fingers mingled together, resting on the table. She would of looked like the perfect angel if she didn't look like she was thrown in a large plastic bag and shake n' baked.

Volcanic ash, Mt. Merapi 10/26/10


Powder Ash, Mt. Lily 1/24/2010

There was disaster everyone.
Oh, the humanity!

Mt. Lily eruption, 2011


     Two and a half hours cleaning and three empties of the Romba later...
     After I showered my self and the horned child, I thought I could have a cup of coffee, Yeah-no.
     Apparently Izzy was feeling left out because she decided to not use the bathroom and soil her entire bedding, three loads of laundry and a bath later...
     I wonder if there is any Kahlua left to add to my coffee.

     I was finally able to make that cup of deliciousness, deciding to sit in the living room to watch Lily a little more closely. Computer on the foot stool, coffee on the end table, I opened up the work-in-progress novel.

     Within sixty minutes:
     "Mom, bear has holes, can you sew him." (Izzy doesn't go anywhere without him.)  
     "I'm hungry"
     "I'm thirsty"
     "Lily hit me"
     "Izzy bit me"
     "Honey, the furnace is broken"
     "Ang, your mom's on the phone"
     "What, you don't love your mother anymore? You never call." (My mother's a bit dramatic)
     "Mommy I have poops"
     "Mom, can I watch Coraline?"
     "Can I have more milk?"

     Mommy is going to hide in the closet, in fetal position, to cry for hours. Go find Daddy.

     Needless to say for Sunday, the 23rd and Monday, the 24th, I did not meet my quota . :(
     That means I will have to work extra hard to meet Tuesday. I will have to accomplish 16 pages to bring me to 121 pages complete. I WILL DO IT!

     So, everyone is obviously asking, "what is your book about anyways?" As I am sure you are aware, until I have it registered I do not want to go to much into it. But, I will say this:

If you enjoy paranormal, fast machines, with a touch of folk Lore, then it might be a good choice for you!

Anyways, I am beyond tired and in need of some sleep. I will be back tomorrow, begging for a little less hectic of a day.

     Wish me luck!



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