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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Welcome to Uberblast!

     The kids have been inside for a few weeks. It has not been ideal between my medical issues and constant winter storms. So I decided it would be nice to take them out, deciding on an kids entertainment center.
     What started as just a plan to be there an hour turned into a five hour event!
     Driving hours up north, finally settling on one in North Conway. We walked into a place called, Uberblast, which was a small center, half arcade and the other half an inflated play area. The man behind the counter resembled an employee out of Hot Topic, not a kids play center. But I guess looks can be deceiving. After speaking for a little bit and him making us lunch, he actually was a very sweet and friendly man (guess you can never judge a book by its cover).
     The kids jumped around in the inflatable "arena," which was part of the play area. It honestly looked like something out of the TV show "Gladiator," from the 90's. My husband and I were cheering Izzy on as she was going head to head with a 4 yr old little boy. Over the rollers, under the rollers, pulling themselves up the mountain and back down. The only thing it was missing was the balancing roller to tight walk across.
     "C'mon Izzy, faster, you can do it!" I felt like we had put money down on a lucky horse, praying for it to come in first (by the way, Izzy won by a landslide, lol). Nice parents we were.
     After they had their fun in the play area, we bought some tokens to play in the arcade. They had two snowmobile games that were side to side, Artic Thunder, I believe they were called. I went on with the little one, while my husband went with Izzy. They were three tokens a piece, which wasn't to bad.
     It was all fun and games for the first few times. Lily and I came in first place alot, getting a free game. Well, that just made my husband want to play more to try and win. About seven games later, when I was laughing my head off because he couldn't win. Izzy on the other hand got bored and jumped off.
     "Daddy, I don't want to play anymore."
     Any kid would be bored of the same game after seven times.
     My husband handed her a cup of coins, telling her to go have fun. Now, for a man who doesn't even like going to arcades, he was definitely on a mission to try and win. He had no interest in helping the children, he was in it for himself. He kept telling me one more, that he was going to win the next time. Well, about four more times later, the little one and I looked at each other, then at him.
     "Ok, you win, we're outta here." I grabbed the little one a bolted towards a sponge bob game before he could call us back for more.
     He didn't join us for another forty-five minutes. My guess, he was swearing at the machine.
      Overall, it was a great day. The kids fell asleep almost instantly in the car...       :)

       It is a beautiful, sunny day, yet I am not outside? First, I didn't say anything about there not being two feet of snow on the ground and or it being 34 degrees. But, the second reason, the more important reason; my imaginative juices are flowing!
     Now, in a perfect world, I would be by myself for a few hours to type away at an amazing novel (nothing wrong with a little personal hype). However, it is not a perfect world, it is real life. My two little demons are on their usual destructive streak. I desperately plunged away, typing as fast as I can before they wanted a snack, or juice, start fighting or screaming. I do it in hopes that I can get a particular thought in before I loose it.
     Don't get me wrong, I feel bad that I am typing and not working on their ABC's or teaching them how to read for hours on end. Sometimes, a mommies got to do what a mommies got to do, right?


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yes, I fell Off the Face of the Earth

     You are all probably wondering, "What's the deal? There hasn't been a new post in over two weeks. What, did you fall off the face of the earth?"

     For all intent and purpose, yes- yes I have.

     Actually, I got to spend some fun time in the hospital about the time I made my last post. My leg was in severe pain, it was lobster red, warm, leaving me unable to walk. You probably can guess what the issue was, probably the same conclusion I came too. A DVT (blot clot).

     For all of you out there counting, that makes DVT number three (all in the same leg).

     I have found myself desperatly trying to fumble with a cane. Even just to do something as simple as going from the living room to the bathroom (frustrating to say the least), not to mention it leaving an opening a mile long to "old lady jokes" from my loved ones. It is useful, however, for pulling the remote over, or accidentaly (wink, wink) hitting someone with it. I still feel terrible over hitting and elderly women at the meat section of the grocery store as I unconciously twirled it in the air, while standing still. Oops!
     Not having the ability to run around like a crazy women like I usually do has left some more time for me to spend with the kids. Unfortunatly, with having limited "thinking" power, we have been left with the mundane. I tried doing an Abc lession and I was the one getting schooled (flash cards on no sleep, and on medicine is alot harder than you think). I gave up on that activity and settled for a nice movie. As every parent knows, it is never that easy. The girls want to watch the same two movies, over and over.
     The movies kicked between Despicable Me and Harry and the Hendersons. Now, don't get me wrong, I love both movies. However, when your forced to watch the same movie three times a day for a week,  you find it a little taxing (that may be under estimating it).

If I remember correctly, there was a time when I actually had control over over the tv. Sadly those days are long gone...

You may be wondering how my novel is coming along. I will not lie, even though I am tempted- it hasn't grown a page since my last post either. Not that I am lazy, but my mind simply put, was not here.

I was up all night, yet again, with the Lily monster. I am praying that she will take a nap, so I can take a nap, and have a fresh start and another go.

I am in it for the long hall, even though my thirty days of writing is long gone...


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finally, My Biblical Foretelling!

Is their shame in bribing a child?

     My two year old Lily, gets upset when I tell her it's potty time.
Parents will do anything to get their kids potty trained!
Apparently, if she had it her way, she would be in princess pull ups until the day she died. So, I try to hype her up about going on the potty (sometimes even bribing). I even lower my dignity so far as to dance the  pee pee dance. It involves flailing your arms around like a seizure patient and doing the shopping cart dance ( I lost all my dignity the day they said it was a girl). In this picture, I might of used bribery in the place of the shopping cart. Only to find out she pooped her pants ten minutes later.  ::::sigh:::

Mother nature is just as defiant as the children

Mother nature is relentless!

     In the wonderful world of New Hampshire, it always
snows the most in January and February. This year, however,
it felt the need to not stop snowing. Out of the last 2 weeks, it
has snowed 10 days! That little black hole in the ground, is actually
a fish pond. It is surrounded by almost three feet of snow.
     Every morning when I go to let the dog out, I loose him. He
jumps in a mound of snow, disappearing for a minute before I see his head pop back up. Now, it's not because we do not shovel out his "area", he chooses to dive bomb in it. I should mention that our dog is only an 8lb chihuahua. His name is Kujo...
     Every year I tell myself I am moving out of New England.

This is our dog, Kujo (he's 8 lbs)

 That I refuse to shovel one more inch of snow, or refuel one
 more tank of heating oil. Yet, here I am freezing my heinie,
letting an 8lb dog out in a snow bank.
     But, where would I move to anyways? California? Yeah if
I want to be in the Pacific Ocean, or be split by giant earthquakes.
Florida? New Orleans? I prefer not to be attacked by alligators
or snakes that could kill me or possibly eat me whole. Central
U.S? Drought and dust bowls.
     I guess the more I think about it, the more it confirms. Snow may
not be too bad.
Doesn't he look ferocious?
Oh wait, I'm sorry, was this suppose to be global warming?

I do have a treat for my readers who are actually interested in my
book. I have put together a little summary, giving you a heads up
of what it is even about.

When Evelyn Whitmore, a.k.a Hemi finds the wealthy vampire, Gabriel; he reveals, The true ancient Book of Isaiah. She realizes, it is not meteorites that are the demise of the world in 2012. It’s the Biblical foretelling of Lilith. Can Hemi close the seven gates of hell that Lilith had opened? Or, will Lilith exact her revenge on the children of Adam and Eve. Humanity.

So, there it is. take it as what you will. I am off to finish my creation
of the year. I will talk to you all soon enough.

Saturday- Goal of 198, made it to 176
Sunday- Goal of 205, made it to 178
Monday- Goal of 212, made it to 179

Been very busy. That company I had four days ago, stayed until yesterday. My fault I didn't write, so shame on me and not on them. But it still hurts. Ouch!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let's Talk about Boston!

     I would first off like to say, no matter how much I complain, I LOVE BOSTON. I lived there for quite a bit of my life and will always hold it dear to me.

 My friend and I went with my girls to The Boston Museum of Science yesterday. It probably would of been a spectacular day, if it was not for the Traffic!
     From the museum to my house is usually 1hr 15min. It took us 2hrs 15mins to get there and 4hrs to get home. I was not happy and neither was my Corolla S.
     I used to live in Boston and the cities around it. So, I am pretty efficient when it comes to knowing the off highway streets to get back into New Hampshire. No matter what town I cut through to get north, there was traffic. We finally pulled in the driveway at 8pm with two cranky kids.
     To make it that much worse, I had to drive threw BOSTON (land of construction since the settlers came). Just trying to get off the highway was a disaster. When I finally did, I was stuck in a merging intersection for 20 minutes. I literally had time to have a conversation with a MBTA worker as he was building a train station and I was stuck in Hell. There was no where to go, and a police officer was beeping repeatedly when I was literally car locked in a intersection. I looked at the worker and asked what I was suppose to do. His exact words were, "beep right back." So I did. He was right, it made me feel a whole lot better.
     Now, it wouldn't of been so bad if it was just leg cramps and continuous breaking. But, then you add in two screaming and fighting children for a total of over 6 hours and your literally in HELL.
     It was nice to know that the children driving me absolutely bonkers wasn't all in my head. After we arrived at the museum and about 2 hours in, my childless friends asked, "how do you keep up with them. I am already ready for a nap."
     The reason a mother keeps going in a place like that long after her body says no more?
     She doesn't want to pay for the Triceratops display when the children demolish it.

     The museum is a very fun place to take your kids. They have a new set up for the children. They have plastic containers, batteries, fabric, all sorts of things to make a mini bobsled. The rules are, you are suppose to make a mini sled that is either the fastest time for the day or the slowest. My four year old, Izzy wanted to make hers the fastest. So I helped her get the the tools to make it. Just when I finished the line, the two yr old Lily wanted to do it too. Ok. So mommy goes back through the line to help the 2 yr old get her things to make it the fastest. My friend, a.k.a auntie, helps Izzy and I help Lily. Five minutes later, after assembling the batteries for weight, the pipe cleaners because Lily wanted purple, all the fun little doo dads, we hand it to the employee for their test runs. Izzy's was 1.69, Lily's 1.38. Right in front of a dozen people and auntie, Izzy says, "mommy, why didn't you help me. Why did I have to get auntie."
     It's amazing what children say! No lies, no cover ups, just being plain old blunt. I wanted to hide under the bobsled track, I really did.
     My favorite thing, was at the end of the day. We went to see "Whales", in the IMAX Theatre. Don't get me wrong, I love the IMAX theatre. If you have never been, it is a screen that is five stories tall, that wraps from the floor of the theatre, across the ceiling. Huge. You feel like you are in whatever it is that you are watching. Now, the drawback. The seating, because the screen is so massive, goes almost vertical. One: I can not handle heights at all, never mind five stories (we were at the top, thanks auntie). Two having two squirming children in vertical seating, five stories up.
     The film starts with a submarine that looks like it is coming at you. The sound system to go with the submarine was incredible, but loud for small children. So, the five story submarine looks and sounds like it is coming at you. I had to hold the back of their pants for fear of falling as they are both screaming at the top of their longs. "Mom! Mom! The boat!." Followed by both of them screaming and trying to hide "in" my shirt.
     "Mommy is trying to work out her fears, and the looks of other patrons. Please hold."
     They love whales, whale watching, stuffed animal whales, so what would you figure? They would love the 50 minute movie. Nope. They would not stop talking and playing, then screaming; not even paying attention to the movie. Then, when I told them to stop for the ump-tenth time, their was a pause of silence. It was broken when Izzy yells from her seat, "mom, we should watch Rapunzel on this."  I did crack up on that one.
     It would be one of those attack Tokyo movies. ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT RAPUNZEL.
     Oh yeah, good times...

     I know this probably sounds horrible coming from a writer but, if my novel was in paper and not word doc, I would of put it through a paper shredder. Not because it is horrible, but because my mind keeps drawing blanks an the words that should be popping in my head. I have changed every little detail about six times, now confident in the plot line. But, not I am stuck in the "language". Lets be honest, no one wants to hear, "he walks," six times in a page.
     If you want to get technical, I want to put myself threw the paper shredder, and just go atv'ing instead.

So here I am, at the dining room table, with my cup of coffee. I am typing away as fast as I can, even with company in the living room. So my husband is entertaining them with the help of a movie. I guess I have until the end credits to work my magic.

If you have any advice on my novel, or children for that matter, I would love to know!

Wednesday-Goal of 177 Reached-173
Thursday- Goal of 184 Reached 181
Friday-Goal of 191  Reached 188 (so close! I blame it on the trip to Boston.)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just Write!

    Ok, so I have realized I am at a breaking point with the children.
     We have been bombarded with snowstorm after snowstorm here in New Hampshire, forcing the kids to stay inside. Of, course with any children, particularly mine, they get quite antsy no matter what activities you do with them.
     By 10:00 am, and three cups of coffee later. I am watching them chasing each other around with shopping carts through the whole first floor, screaming in excitement (you would think they had the coffee). Not that I mind them having a good time, but mommy is working on a novel (and my sanity).
     "Girls!" Do you mind going upstairs to play in your room, mommy is trying to write.
     Mind you, from 8-10 am we played games, play dough, arts and crafts; so they didn't feel left out.
     With some whining and huffs, they go upstairs to play in their rooms.
     I sat down at the dining room table, trying to type away (getting stuck on editing, which is a no no).
     The screaming and running around continues, then automatic silence. Yes, thank you!
     Fifteen minutes of silence is ok for Izzy, the four yr old. But, it is not ok for the 2 yr old, Lily.
     I pull out my ear plugs, walking towards the staircase. Lily beat me to the punch, she was walking down the stairs already.
     "Lily, why are you naked?" She went upstairs prior, with a full set of clothes and a pull up on.
     Oh no!
     I was hoping it was more like, "mommy, I have to go poops."
     Nope, it was more, "mommy, I went poops."
     Please, no!
     "Lily, where is your pull up?" She just points up upstairs, and looks down.
     I bolt up the stairs, reaching the top... Oh no! She had poop running down the hallway, in her room, and all over the bathroom!
     I would like to know what she is thinking when she does something like that. Was there a fight with the diaper and it won? Did she want to get back down to primitive basics, like a monkey, throwing poop?
     All the while, Izzy is just sitting in her room, watching tv. When I ask if she noticed Lily in her room, or making all the destruction, she just shakes her head. I couldn't even comment to, I just had to walk away.

     So instead of getting that hour to write, I was scrubbing the house and a child. Mommy needs a vacation, or at least a good hiding hole...

     "Just Write!" My husband reminds me.
     The most basic advice in the world. Why is it so difficult?
     I'll read the pages in the chapter I am working on to pick up on the momentum of where I left off. Then it is a waste of an hour, because I will constantly edit it and re-edit it, not adding anything new on the blank pages.

     I have told myself over and over (and it is my goal), to just write anything. Why is it so difficult? I can't help but want to critique until it is perfect. But, the truth of the matter is, unless I finish the entire story, chances are it could change and possibly be edited right out in the future. So why do I keep wasting my precious time? Quite frankly, it is driving me batty!
     It's like trying to retrain your mind to quite a habit, like eating. If you don't train your mind to eat healthy foods in small portions, you will never re-teach your mind proper habit. I feel just writing is the same thing. It is a hard thing to try and re-train my mind. But, if I don't do it now, it will never come as second nature. Just leading me down a road of frustration and the wanting to quit. We all know, just to quit would be a lot easier. Just to quit like a proper eating habit, feeling down that it was yet one more thing that had beat me.
     Although quiting would be so much easier than writing, it is not a possibility. I have gone to far, invested to much of me, and am eager myself to read the end result.
     I would of probably made my goal of 170. I just had to quick thinking and just WRITE!

     So yet again, like a broken record. I am closing down all Internet pages. Closing my eyes to the blinking cursor and keeping my fingers moving (weather or not there will be comprehendible words on the page, is uncertain).


     Sunday (Jan 30) Goal of 156- completed! Halfway Mark!
     Monday(Jan 31) Goal of 163- 160 Close, but no cigar!
     Tuesday (Feb 1) Goal of 170- 166 Falling, Mayday!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Come On! Five More Minutes

     It usually takes an effort to get the girls to listen to me. Today was an effort of me listening to them.

     I did not want to get up this morning. Unfortunately I had Izzy and Lily, who begged to differ.
I am sure you have noticed I have not written on my blog in the last few days. The wonderful game of life as made me miss a few turns. So, needless to say, I had quite the effort trying to fall asleep from the stresses of it all. The last time I glared at that mean ole' alarm clock, it said 3:41 am, and I was still awake (for the first time, it was not the girls).
     So at about 7:30 am, I had blonde hair, blue eye Lily (which we refer to as mini momma) in my face. She was an inch from my face, "momma, you awake?"
     I am now.
     "momma, Izzy hittin' me."
     So I raised my voice from under the covers, so Izzy could hear me in her room. "Don't hit your sister."
     I knew it was time to get up, but I was so tired. The momentum of getting up wasn't quite there, yet I was trying. A minute goes by and I hear a little huff from Lily, and she walks out the bedroom, shutting the door behind her. That was the last thing I remembered for another 30 minutes.
     I wake up again at 8am to little Lily kisses all over my face. "Momma, can you get up, I want chocolate milk." I opened one eye, and once again she was an inch from my face. Apparently no one appreciates nor acknowledges the term, personal space. I whined and rolled over. She then proceeded to climb on the bed and on me.
     "mommy, get up." She tried to rock my shoulders, not giving up.
     All the while, my husband is laying next to me, snoring away. Yeah, I had a bit of jealousy running through me.
     Lily once again runs out of the room.
     In less than two minutes later a battle ensues in Izzy's room. Even with all the doors shut, it was quite clear. The screaming and crying, I thought it was a battle to the death in there.
     I jumped out of bed without any thought (or else I would of never gotten up) and waltz into Izzy's room.
     Lily was on top of Izzy, with a chunk of Izzy's hair and shirt in her little demon fist. This little girl is going to be the death of me.
     A stiff talking to and almost an entire pot of coffee later, here I sit.
     You know even with all that caffeine in me, my eyes keep trying to close as if I didn't sleep at all.
     Two years down, a lifetime to go...

     Even though I am not speed writing my novel as I wished, I fine that the ideas have been flowing quite smoothly in the last few days. I am excited to report my only plans beside the kids today is to write.
     Finished first draft here I come.
     I am also happy to report that my determination is at an all time high. I know it will not be easy getting my novel from my laptop to the bookstore shelf. But, what I do know is that I will not give up, until it is there. I have worked too hard emotionally and physically just to give up at the first mention of a turn down. I will be the book industries' worst nightmare, like a big ole' birthmark. They might as well get use to me!


                                                                      Little Ms. Perseverance

As far as my 30 day goal:

Thursday: 135 -completed!
Friday: 142 -completed!
Saturday: 149 -not completed, I have 146

I better put the petal to the metal, take a cold shower and jump on that cursor!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

At Least My Hopes and Dreams are Flushing Down the Toilet

      I usually start off with the crazy things my children put me through, but today I would like to recognize my comments. Andrea, Stacey and Miera, thank you so much for your great comments! To hear that wonderful women such as yourselves, can truly appreciate and relate to what I go through really makes this blog worth writing. So I tip my hat to you all. Thank you ladies!
     As far as my crazy girls are concerned, I am happy to report that the casualties for today were kept to a minimum. Thank you Izzy and Lily!
     Although that doesn't mean they did not drive me crazy!

     My husband contributed to my mental exhaustion, apparently he felt I wasn't spread thin enough. Now don't get me wrong, he is actually very helpful. He is a man who does laundry, picks up after the girls, vacuums... He is actually a very good housewife. It is my sanity that he helps destruct.

     He decided to thank the girls for being sick all around the house and in the backseat of the car. To show his appreciation he taught them how to fake vomit! (I am completely serious!)

     Now, thank goodness neither of the girls had vomited all day. So they were well enough to be out of their rooms and were watching tv in the living room with my husband. I was in the kitchen, supervising them, as my husband asked Izzy how she was feeling. "Good, Daddy."
     Apparently at that point, he thought it was free game.

     He thought it would be funny to "fake vomit" on Izzy by pretending to heave on her, saying it was, "payback." Well, she thought it was the funniest thing, so she started doing it back to him. Lily watched the both of them go back and fourth, pretending to vomit on each other (I am now truly convinced that people laugh over the grossest things.) Anyways, Lily watched them go back and fourth and decided, "Hey, that looks like fun, I want to do it too." So Lily joins in, running over to Izzy and my husband "pretending" to vomit on them.
     Great, I lost any interest I had in making or having dinner.

     So, here I am watching the three of them, huddled together, making "pretend" heaving sounds on each other.
     These are the people I live with.
My husband looks over at me and decided it was funny to say, "hey, go get mommy."
Now I have two growths on my legs, pretending to heave on me. All the while, I'm thinking, "what if they accidentally end up hitting the gag reflex." I give my husband "the cold, hard stare", that he loves so very much. It just makes him laugh even harder.

     Now I know why boys are made of frogs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails...

     My house, just like so many are going through a crucial time. Potty Training.

     Just the mention of the words, make full grown adults want to hide in a closet, crying.
It is a horrible time for Lily as much as it is for mommy and daddy. "Lily, you need to go pee-pee on the potty." She smiles, "Okay, mommy." Five minutes later, she pee's herself. "Lily, I just brought you to the potty five minutes ago, why would you pee your pants." She uses the bottom lip move, "I'm sorry mommy." Aw, right? She knows how to hit the mark! Then, on top of the pee pee portion, I will bring her to the bathroom for #2. "Lily, you have to go poops on the potty too." She sits on the porcelain throne for a minute, then states, "mommy I don't have to do poops." Fine, we will try again in five minutes. Two minutes later, she poops her pants. Honestly? Cause I just brought you to the bathroom, why would you do that in your pants.
"Sorry, mommy." Ten minutes later, we do the exercise all over again.
     Now mix that with the catastrophes they usually achieve, cleaning, cooking and writing. Ahh! Then, one day, someone will have the nerve to ask, "why did you have a mental breakdown. I just don't get it."
     Mental note: Do you think when the kids are thirty and still walking around with depends on, they might finally understand...

     I am feeling really good about my book today, the ideas are flowing smoothly. For the longest time, I couldn't figure out a good name for my book, and it finally hit me. It is going to take a bit of rewriting to have it make sense, but I love it!
     You should probably know, I am not a mushy kind of women. I had tried the mushy road and those pages were cut. It's not me. Don't get me wrong, I love the occasional love scene, but life is not entirely made up of love scenes and neither is my novel. I love action, adrenaline. suspense and wittiness. The kind of book that makes you sit on the edge of your seat, unable to stop reading to find out what happens next. See, I get excited just thinking about it.
     So without any further ado, there is a best-selling novel I need to finish.
Page goal for today: 128
Actual pages complete: 131
Goal for tomorrow:135 (we will see.)