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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finally, My Biblical Foretelling!

Is their shame in bribing a child?

     My two year old Lily, gets upset when I tell her it's potty time.
Parents will do anything to get their kids potty trained!
Apparently, if she had it her way, she would be in princess pull ups until the day she died. So, I try to hype her up about going on the potty (sometimes even bribing). I even lower my dignity so far as to dance the  pee pee dance. It involves flailing your arms around like a seizure patient and doing the shopping cart dance ( I lost all my dignity the day they said it was a girl). In this picture, I might of used bribery in the place of the shopping cart. Only to find out she pooped her pants ten minutes later.  ::::sigh:::

Mother nature is just as defiant as the children

Mother nature is relentless!

     In the wonderful world of New Hampshire, it always
snows the most in January and February. This year, however,
it felt the need to not stop snowing. Out of the last 2 weeks, it
has snowed 10 days! That little black hole in the ground, is actually
a fish pond. It is surrounded by almost three feet of snow.
     Every morning when I go to let the dog out, I loose him. He
jumps in a mound of snow, disappearing for a minute before I see his head pop back up. Now, it's not because we do not shovel out his "area", he chooses to dive bomb in it. I should mention that our dog is only an 8lb chihuahua. His name is Kujo...
     Every year I tell myself I am moving out of New England.

This is our dog, Kujo (he's 8 lbs)

 That I refuse to shovel one more inch of snow, or refuel one
 more tank of heating oil. Yet, here I am freezing my heinie,
letting an 8lb dog out in a snow bank.
     But, where would I move to anyways? California? Yeah if
I want to be in the Pacific Ocean, or be split by giant earthquakes.
Florida? New Orleans? I prefer not to be attacked by alligators
or snakes that could kill me or possibly eat me whole. Central
U.S? Drought and dust bowls.
     I guess the more I think about it, the more it confirms. Snow may
not be too bad.
Doesn't he look ferocious?
Oh wait, I'm sorry, was this suppose to be global warming?

I do have a treat for my readers who are actually interested in my
book. I have put together a little summary, giving you a heads up
of what it is even about.

When Evelyn Whitmore, a.k.a Hemi finds the wealthy vampire, Gabriel; he reveals, The true ancient Book of Isaiah. She realizes, it is not meteorites that are the demise of the world in 2012. It’s the Biblical foretelling of Lilith. Can Hemi close the seven gates of hell that Lilith had opened? Or, will Lilith exact her revenge on the children of Adam and Eve. Humanity.

So, there it is. take it as what you will. I am off to finish my creation
of the year. I will talk to you all soon enough.

Saturday- Goal of 198, made it to 176
Sunday- Goal of 205, made it to 178
Monday- Goal of 212, made it to 179

Been very busy. That company I had four days ago, stayed until yesterday. My fault I didn't write, so shame on me and not on them. But it still hurts. Ouch!


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