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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yes, I fell Off the Face of the Earth

     You are all probably wondering, "What's the deal? There hasn't been a new post in over two weeks. What, did you fall off the face of the earth?"

     For all intent and purpose, yes- yes I have.

     Actually, I got to spend some fun time in the hospital about the time I made my last post. My leg was in severe pain, it was lobster red, warm, leaving me unable to walk. You probably can guess what the issue was, probably the same conclusion I came too. A DVT (blot clot).

     For all of you out there counting, that makes DVT number three (all in the same leg).

     I have found myself desperatly trying to fumble with a cane. Even just to do something as simple as going from the living room to the bathroom (frustrating to say the least), not to mention it leaving an opening a mile long to "old lady jokes" from my loved ones. It is useful, however, for pulling the remote over, or accidentaly (wink, wink) hitting someone with it. I still feel terrible over hitting and elderly women at the meat section of the grocery store as I unconciously twirled it in the air, while standing still. Oops!
     Not having the ability to run around like a crazy women like I usually do has left some more time for me to spend with the kids. Unfortunatly, with having limited "thinking" power, we have been left with the mundane. I tried doing an Abc lession and I was the one getting schooled (flash cards on no sleep, and on medicine is alot harder than you think). I gave up on that activity and settled for a nice movie. As every parent knows, it is never that easy. The girls want to watch the same two movies, over and over.
     The movies kicked between Despicable Me and Harry and the Hendersons. Now, don't get me wrong, I love both movies. However, when your forced to watch the same movie three times a day for a week,  you find it a little taxing (that may be under estimating it).

If I remember correctly, there was a time when I actually had control over over the tv. Sadly those days are long gone...

You may be wondering how my novel is coming along. I will not lie, even though I am tempted- it hasn't grown a page since my last post either. Not that I am lazy, but my mind simply put, was not here.

I was up all night, yet again, with the Lily monster. I am praying that she will take a nap, so I can take a nap, and have a fresh start and another go.

I am in it for the long hall, even though my thirty days of writing is long gone...



  1. Blood Clot... that doesn't sound good... Hope you are feeling better. And don't stress about not writing - just jump right back in (and good luck).

  2. Hang in there. Some days it is hard to focus on writing. But you will eventually refocus and start pumping out those pages again.

  3. You fell off the face of the Earth; well I hope your landing was soft. Welcome back! I am sorry to hear about your rough luck when it comes to your health. Hopefully the doctors will figure out a way to stop all of it. Good luck with the novel.

    Ruby @Online PhD Resources