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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let's Talk about Boston!

     I would first off like to say, no matter how much I complain, I LOVE BOSTON. I lived there for quite a bit of my life and will always hold it dear to me.

 My friend and I went with my girls to The Boston Museum of Science yesterday. It probably would of been a spectacular day, if it was not for the Traffic!
     From the museum to my house is usually 1hr 15min. It took us 2hrs 15mins to get there and 4hrs to get home. I was not happy and neither was my Corolla S.
     I used to live in Boston and the cities around it. So, I am pretty efficient when it comes to knowing the off highway streets to get back into New Hampshire. No matter what town I cut through to get north, there was traffic. We finally pulled in the driveway at 8pm with two cranky kids.
     To make it that much worse, I had to drive threw BOSTON (land of construction since the settlers came). Just trying to get off the highway was a disaster. When I finally did, I was stuck in a merging intersection for 20 minutes. I literally had time to have a conversation with a MBTA worker as he was building a train station and I was stuck in Hell. There was no where to go, and a police officer was beeping repeatedly when I was literally car locked in a intersection. I looked at the worker and asked what I was suppose to do. His exact words were, "beep right back." So I did. He was right, it made me feel a whole lot better.
     Now, it wouldn't of been so bad if it was just leg cramps and continuous breaking. But, then you add in two screaming and fighting children for a total of over 6 hours and your literally in HELL.
     It was nice to know that the children driving me absolutely bonkers wasn't all in my head. After we arrived at the museum and about 2 hours in, my childless friends asked, "how do you keep up with them. I am already ready for a nap."
     The reason a mother keeps going in a place like that long after her body says no more?
     She doesn't want to pay for the Triceratops display when the children demolish it.

     The museum is a very fun place to take your kids. They have a new set up for the children. They have plastic containers, batteries, fabric, all sorts of things to make a mini bobsled. The rules are, you are suppose to make a mini sled that is either the fastest time for the day or the slowest. My four year old, Izzy wanted to make hers the fastest. So I helped her get the the tools to make it. Just when I finished the line, the two yr old Lily wanted to do it too. Ok. So mommy goes back through the line to help the 2 yr old get her things to make it the fastest. My friend, a.k.a auntie, helps Izzy and I help Lily. Five minutes later, after assembling the batteries for weight, the pipe cleaners because Lily wanted purple, all the fun little doo dads, we hand it to the employee for their test runs. Izzy's was 1.69, Lily's 1.38. Right in front of a dozen people and auntie, Izzy says, "mommy, why didn't you help me. Why did I have to get auntie."
     It's amazing what children say! No lies, no cover ups, just being plain old blunt. I wanted to hide under the bobsled track, I really did.
     My favorite thing, was at the end of the day. We went to see "Whales", in the IMAX Theatre. Don't get me wrong, I love the IMAX theatre. If you have never been, it is a screen that is five stories tall, that wraps from the floor of the theatre, across the ceiling. Huge. You feel like you are in whatever it is that you are watching. Now, the drawback. The seating, because the screen is so massive, goes almost vertical. One: I can not handle heights at all, never mind five stories (we were at the top, thanks auntie). Two having two squirming children in vertical seating, five stories up.
     The film starts with a submarine that looks like it is coming at you. The sound system to go with the submarine was incredible, but loud for small children. So, the five story submarine looks and sounds like it is coming at you. I had to hold the back of their pants for fear of falling as they are both screaming at the top of their longs. "Mom! Mom! The boat!." Followed by both of them screaming and trying to hide "in" my shirt.
     "Mommy is trying to work out her fears, and the looks of other patrons. Please hold."
     They love whales, whale watching, stuffed animal whales, so what would you figure? They would love the 50 minute movie. Nope. They would not stop talking and playing, then screaming; not even paying attention to the movie. Then, when I told them to stop for the ump-tenth time, their was a pause of silence. It was broken when Izzy yells from her seat, "mom, we should watch Rapunzel on this."  I did crack up on that one.
     It would be one of those attack Tokyo movies. ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT RAPUNZEL.
     Oh yeah, good times...

     I know this probably sounds horrible coming from a writer but, if my novel was in paper and not word doc, I would of put it through a paper shredder. Not because it is horrible, but because my mind keeps drawing blanks an the words that should be popping in my head. I have changed every little detail about six times, now confident in the plot line. But, not I am stuck in the "language". Lets be honest, no one wants to hear, "he walks," six times in a page.
     If you want to get technical, I want to put myself threw the paper shredder, and just go atv'ing instead.

So here I am, at the dining room table, with my cup of coffee. I am typing away as fast as I can, even with company in the living room. So my husband is entertaining them with the help of a movie. I guess I have until the end credits to work my magic.

If you have any advice on my novel, or children for that matter, I would love to know!

Wednesday-Goal of 177 Reached-173
Thursday- Goal of 184 Reached 181
Friday-Goal of 191  Reached 188 (so close! I blame it on the trip to Boston.)

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